Marc Rosenberg

Rosenberg grew up in the U.S. but has lived half his adult life in Australia. At the University of Texas, he started a literary and art magazine before setting off to work in London. He then travelled through Europe and Asia. Once in Sydney, he was accepted as a ‘Writer-in-Residence’ at the National Australian Film and TV School. It was here he began his screenwriting career. 

Rosenberg has written seven feature films, producing three. He’s worked with Miles Davis, Daniel Radcliffe and Jeremy Irons. An award-winning screenwriter, he’s taught in India, China, the U.S. as well as Australia.

Always a writer, avid reader and adventurer, writing novels has become a new passion.



Neil Kyd, accused of assassinating a Russian presidential candidate, hunted by Russian Special Forces, has only one thing on his mind, saving his daughter's life.

Kyd has done everything possible to help his terminally ill daughter. He's out of options when he's recalled by the Agency and offered a special job, a quick 'in and out' assignment to...

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The Screenplay Tree

Movie Structure Made Easy (and "Kyd's Game", an Annotated Script)

The ‘Screenplay Tree’ is a new way to structure a movie script. It is easy to understand, suits any writer’s style, is efficient and effective. Having taught screenwriting all over the world, I was encouraged to write this book by my students. ‘The Screenplay Tree’ uses ‘reverse engineering’ to create a structure that gives the screenwriter’s...

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